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2 light blue bands 19.00
2 tone brown w/ band on rim 26.00
4 sided Mission shade, frosted 19.00
8 sided w/ 24 panels, frosted 7.50
Blue case glass cut back/ white 36.00
Blue collar and vines on rim 29.00
Clambroth w/ figure 8 pattern 40.00
Clear iridescent w/ wreath etc 48.00
Clear w/ stars and pebble design 25.00
Crystal & frosted, banded design 26.00
Crystal & frosted, Eastlake patt 28.00
Dragon scale design 39.00
Etched & clear w/ pleated edge 39.00
Etched ladies portraits 49.00
Etched w/ cut to clear design 24.00
Etched w/ pleated edge 22.00
Etched w/ ruffled edge 27.00
Frosted color, etched basket 28.00
frosted cut back to clear 26.00
Frosted w/ clear leaves, flowers 21.00
Frosted w/ flower trim on rim 37.00
Frosted, exterior painted detail 28.00
Frosted, reverse painted flowers 28.00
Frosted, reverse painted leaves 27.00
Hexagon shape w/ portrait ovals 49.00
Iridescent w/ flower garlands 46.00
Milk glass cylinder 12.50
Milk glass w/ blue rim 24.00
Milk glass w/ cut wreath design 29.00
Milk glass, flowers, purple tint 21.00
Mission stained glass shade 125.00
Octagon, etched grapes, leaves 35.00
Pressed pattern w/ starbursts 7.50
Round with clear darts 19.50
Sandblasted, reverse paint flowr 45.00
Satin etched milk glass, w/ chip 22.00
Sheffield style inside frosted 23.50
Tan color w/ urn and flourish 29.00
w/ blue and red flowers 38.00
White opalescent w/ 9 panels 37.00
White sandblasted, cut back 45.00
White w/ brown band, medallion 43.00