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Stained Glass Transom 795
Prairie Style Leaded Window 395
Etched Glass Window 295
Etched glass panel 165
Etched glass door window 275
Etched Glass Pattern Window 175
Two inch beveled edge window 295
Mississippi Art Glass Window 425
Prairie style stained glass 185
Etched Glass Lace Pattern 275
Florentine Pattern Transom Glass 195
2 Beveled Leaded Windows 1750
2 Beveled Leaded Windows 1350
Beveled Leaded window 475
Beveled and stained glass window 1500
Mississippi art glass window 650
Pair of bevel leaded windows 1150
Double house bevel leaded window 1150
Single transom bevel leaded 1250
Mississippi art glass window 525
Double House Beveled Windows 750
Bevel leaded window 455
Bevel leaded transom window 425
Prairie style stained transom 795
Leaded glue chip transom window 255
Mississippi art glass window 425
Stained glass sidelights 1400
Mississippi Art Glass Window 625
Arched top stained glass 395
Beveled and Jeweled 3100